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Active Spirits
Be active and Move a Head

Active Spirits

Active Spirits is one of the leading sportswear brand.

Established in year 2016, some of the brand’s values are authenticity,

uniqueness and is the perfect combination of style and functionality for

any fitness enthusiast.

The brand incorporates the passion and love for sports with each design

standing and speaking for itself. We as a part of Active Spirits captures

the latest market trends and uniqueness in terms of color, designs, fabric

quality which is a perfect choice for any fitness individual looking for

perfect workout. Perfect quality is something we at Active Spirits strives


We have been on the forefront for a while now, spreading our operations

with a variety of products ranging from lowers, shorts, Tees and Athleisure

sets. We being the quality sportwear brand, want to promote fitness and

sports among the new generation of the country. With a team of highly

innovative fashion designers, we are targeting PAN India and are

increasing our reach.

Quality over quantity is our unannounced motto, and each member

adheres to it with sheer dedication.

As a fresh and youthful brand with passion for fitness and sports, we

strive for our core values and aims to provide our customers a unique,

exciting and satisfying experience in terms of comfort and elegance.

Our Product Development section is a window for new buyers in term of

information collection, sampling and Pricing. We have always maintained

supremacy by preferring quality over quantity. Using high-end and latest

techniques, our skilled personnel deliver industry-standard products.

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