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The Women's Sportswear Tri-Blend 3/4 Stripe T-shirt is a seamless and breathable sports T-shirt. This T-shirt also has snag-resistant features which are great for athletes who don't want their clothing doing any tripping while they're trying to get through those tough obstacles on the field! The color blocking at the sides, sleeves, T-shirt is just one more way it distinguishes itself as different than other t-shirts in its class because nobody else will have anything like it after buying yours today.




  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE: Our T-shirts are a must-have for those looking to push themselves in the gym, on their morning run or playing any sports. Our performance T-shirts help keep sweat off your body and make you feel comfortable even when sweating!


  • COMFORTABLE & ODOR RESISTANT: The high moisture wicking T-shirts are also odor resistant, designed to keep you comfortable and 0dor-free for longer duration. They never fail to make the wear feel safe in any social situation with friends or strangers a like - sitting contentedly amongst a group without fear of embarrassment caused by bad odors on their clothes!


  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Premium T-shirts are made from superior quality fabric that lasts longer and looks smart on everyone. They have a trendy look due to the excellent stitch finish.


  • AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT COLORS: Aqua, Maroon, Black, Grey, Lemon


  • AVAILABLE N DIFFERENT SIZES: Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large

Active Spirits T-Shirt With Mask (TS5486)

SKU: 0011

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